Simulator Cable for Phoenix RC G5 AeroFly Reflex XTR FMS

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All-in-One flight simulator, which is a connection equipment between transmitter and computer, is a standard USB connection.

Supports the simulation software: 
  • PhoenixRC v2.5 / v3.0 (Online Updates)
  • RealFlight G4 / G4.5 / G5
  • Reflex XTR v5.03
  • FMS
  • Virtual RC Racing(VRC)
  • AeroFly Professional Deluxe v1.11.07.21

* Transmitter NOT included.
* It can support up to 8 channels.
* Compatible with XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The transmitter should be PPM, or can be set to PPM mode.
Most of 2.4G transmitter do not need to set up.

Items be included:
  • 1x USB Dongle (Black /Green)
  • 1x Futaba Square Adaptor
  • 1x Futaba Round Adaptor
  • 1x Esky Mini Din Adaptor
  • 1x 3.5mm Jack Plug to 3.5mm Jack Plug
  • 2 x DVD discs


·Supported transmitters:

The following list of radios and transmitter makes and models have been tested and are supported by Phoenix. Some radios may require an extra adaptor to connect the Phoenix USB interface to the training port – these are listed when applicable.
  • All JR MC/MX (no adaptor required) - ** MC-series requires "DSC Interface" Accessory **
  • Spektrum DX6 / DX6i / DX7 / DSX9 (no adaptor required) - ** NOT new DX7 Special Edition "SE" version **
  • Spektrum DX5e older-style with SIDE training port ("DX5e adaptor" required)
  • Spektrum DX5e new-style with REAR training port (no adaptor required)
  • All Futaba ("Futaba/Hitec round" or "Futaba square" adaptor required)
  • Futaba FX-18 with 2.5mm stereo training port ("Futaba FX-18" adaptor required)
  • Hitec Aurora (no adaptor required)
  • All Hitec except "Aurora" ("Futaba/Hitec adaptor" required - "Aurora" requires no adaptor)
  • All Multiplex ("Multiplex" adaptor required)
  • All Sanwa RD and RDS series ("Sanwa adaptor" required)
  • E-sky ETB41 2.4 ghz (no adaptor required)
  • Other E-sky ("Mini-DIN adaptor" required)
  • Co-Pilot ("Mini-DIN adaptor" required)
  • Blade CX, CX-2, CX-3, CP, CP+, CP Pro, CP Pro 2 and Blade SR (no adaptor required)
  • Parkzone Transmitters with training jack ("DX5e adaptor" required)
  • Art-tech 100B (no adaptor required)
  • Art-tech 100C ("Art-tech 100C adaptor" required)
  • Walkera 2401, 2601 (Using "MINI-DIN adaptor" supplied with transmitter)
  • Walkera 2402, 2602 ("Walkera 2801 adaptor" required)
  • Walkera 2801 ("Walkera 2801 adaptor" required)

Please note that the following transmitters are NOT supported:
  • USB controller devices and joysticks
  • Spektrum DX7 "SE" version (This radio has no training output for R/C simulators)
  • Hobbyzone transmitters and any transmitter included with ParkZone or E-Flite Ultra Micro products
  • All Walkera except 2401, 2601, 2402, 2602 and 2801 (see above)
  • Any other transmitter without a compatible training port

· Phoenix R/C v3.0


· RealFlight G5


· The REFLEX Simulator is suitable for a beginners training. If you can fly a model in the simulator, you may have the skills to do the same with a real aircraft. Still you should ask an advanced pilot for assistance as mechanical problems or setup necessities may arise which are better handled by experienced persons.

Reflex XTR

· AeroFly Professional Deluxe v1.11.07.21.


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