5 Pcs Batrery Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

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  * This Lipo Battery Alarm is only good for 2 Cells 7.4V and 3 Cells 11.1V 4 Cells 14.8V Lipo Batteries.
  * this micro device can measure lipo from 7.4v to 14.8v (2s to 4s), it will sound up to 95dB if your lipo cell voltage drop to 3.3v.
  * It is also a good device for quick test for your lipo before flight, and it can use as inflight alarm if you not sure the maximum flight time.
  * Required the balance charger plug in the battery.
  * Each LiPo cell = 3.7V (nominal) no matter how many cells are in parallell.
  * Each LiPo cell has a Minimun charged voltage of 4.25V before damage, and Risk of Fire occurs.
  * The Alarm sounds and red lights to warn you when the battery voltage is too low.It can prevent your lipo battery damaged due to low voltage.  
  * Weight: approx. 6g.

Amount : 5 Pcs.

  • Never charge the lipo battery over 1.5A current if you don't have a professional lipo balance charger!
  • This battery can only be charged with specify charger, i.e. charger with balance charging.
  • Never over discharge the battery to 2.5v per cell.
  • Never over CHARGE the battery to 4.25v per cell.
  • Do not use the battery if you find the battery is inflated.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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    100% Brand New 1 x Low Voltage Buzzer For 2S /3S /4S Lipo Battery

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