Esky Li-ion Polymer 7.4V 800mAh EK1-0181

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Li-Polymer battery features with performance of quick charge,reusage,perfect safety and long flight time.
Applicable to 300 series co-axial helicopter and "honey bee" helicopter.
  • Model : 000173(EK1-0181).
  • Specification : 7.4V 800mAh.
  • Discharging rate : 10C.

  • The highest charge voltage is 8.4V, and the charge current can not exceed 0.8A, Non-special charger is not allowed use.
  • Improper usage can cause explosion or fire.
  • Do not bump, disassemble, short circuit and put the batteries in fire, stop using when it expands or the temperature is over 70oC.
  • Put the battery in a place that infants or kids can not get it.
  • The above suggests the danger of the battery. The user is fully responsible to the result of using this pack.

  • The Li-Ploymer battery should be nursed when charge.
  • Keep the battery away from children.
  • Please keep away from the combustibles.
  • The batteries must be took out from the helicopter while charging, it is not allowed to charge it on the helicopter, otherwise it may cause explosion.
  • Please make sure to set correct voltage for the charger and the quantity of the battery(otherwise may cause explosion or fire).Please put it at the ventilated place while charging.
  • Li-Poly battery can not be over charged or overdiscargedotherwise will decrease the battery useful time.
  • For the safety and convenience of charging,please use ESKY manufactured li-polymer battery.We dontÂ’t take any responsibility for the damage caused by not using ESKY original batter.

  • Model: EK1-0181
  • Shipping Weight: 60 grams
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